Thursday, August 1, 2013

Reactions to the Pew Research Survey of GOP Opinion About the Direction of the Party

Below are links to articles reacting to the Pew survey:

The Daily Beast's Michael Tomasky: The GOP Monster

"These people really have created an out-of-control Frankenstein in this base. Although now that I think about it I'm not wild about that analogy, because doesn't Frankenstein kill the doctor or something? Doesn't bode well for the body politic. In any case, unbelievable."

---Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast 

The New Republic: Pew Poll Shows Bad News for the GOP

"And if congressional Republicans can’t advance the rebrand by allowing losing issues—like a pathway to citizenship or background checks on gun purchases—to advance through Congress and depart from consideration in 2016, then the next Republican nominee will be left with the difficult task of broadening the appeal of the GOP."

---Nate Cohn, The New Republic 

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