Friday, January 3, 2014

Salon's Brian Beutler: Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson, and the Core of the Republican Party

Brian Beutler's article at Salon is linked below.

Salon: Phil Robertson and the GOP

"Robertson’s comments don’t fly in most of America. If Robertson were, say, running for Senate in Missouri as a Republican, the GOP would have disowned him immediately. But Robertson isn’t a politician. He’s not a mouthpiece for a political party that needs to maintain a national brand identity. But his remarks reflect the views of a cultural subset the GOP depends on for its survival. His suspension made him a tribune of modern conservatism. Thus, conservative Republicans (not just opportunists like Sarah Palin, but party standard-bearers) felt impelled to rally to his side without actually echoing anything Robertson said."
---Brian Beutler, Salon 

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