Monday, February 3, 2014

Salon's Joan Walsh: Fox News is the Avant-Garde of White Grievance and Backlash

Joan Walsh's column at Salon is linked below.

Joan Walsh: Fox News, a Channel for White Grievance

"Thanks in large measure to Roger Ailes, we live in a country now where a carnival barker with an ugly comb-over can make the duly elected president show him his papers, and an angry mediocrity like O’Reilly can condescend to an accomplished black man who is in fact his moral and intellectual superior.
Maybe more important, day to day Fox provides a steady infusion of toxic lies into our political bloodstream, from tales about 'victims' of Obamacare who could in fact be helped by it, to fantasies of neglect and incompetence at Benghazi that in fact shame the memory of the men who died there. Politically, we are all the sicker for it.
So if progressives want to believe that Fox is history because its viewers are getting old and its hosts are getting crazier, that’s their choice. I was always told dying animals can be the most dangerous."
---Joan Walsh, Salon 

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