Monday, September 30, 2013

Bill Keller of the New York Times: The American Right is Having its Own Version of the 1960s

Bill Keller's column in the New York Times is linked below.

NYT: The Right and Their Own Sixties

"The Republicans are finally having their ’60s. Half a century after the American left experienced its days of rage, its repudiation of the political establishment, conservatives are having their own political catharsis. Ted Cruz is their spotlight-seeking Abbie Hoffman. (The Texas senator’s faux filibuster last week reminded me of Hoffman’s vow to 'levitate' the Pentagon using psychic energy.) The Tea Party is their manifesto-brandishing Students for a Democratic Society. Threatening to blow up America’s credit rating is their version of civil disobedience. And Obamacare is their Vietnam."
---Bill Keller, The New York Times

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