Saturday, September 7, 2013

National Journal's Ronald Brownstein: An All-White GOP Electoral Strategy Not a Wise Wager

Ron Brownstein's article is linked below.

Brownstein: The White Electoral Demographic is Changing

"Geography poses another complication for a whites-first GOP strategy: Even if the Republican Party can further expand its overall national advantage among whites, its another thing to do so in the states critical to the Democratic presidential victories over the past two decades. Romney's national margins among the various groups of white voters are inflated by Obama's utter collapse in the country's most conservative regions, particularly the South (where the president won fewer than one in six whites in Alabama and only one in nine in Mississippi, exit polls found). In most of the places where Obama needed to do better among whites to win, he did."

---Ronald Brownstein, National Journal 

USA Today: Obama and 2012 Southern White Voters

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