Saturday, June 22, 2013

Charlie Cook of National Journal: The Republican Party Needs to Appeal to Hispanic Voters

The Republican Party
Political analyst Charlie Cook of the National Journal examines the travails of the Republican Party with Latino voters in recent years, along with the political risks conservatives are taking by opposing immigration reform.

 He notes that, as the debate over comprehensive immigration reform heats up, the GOP should be aware of its vexing history with Latino voters, particularly in the wake of California's Proposition 187, a anti-immigrant 1994 ballot initiative championed by Republican Governor Pete Wilson and the political right, an initiative that gave the GOP a short-run victory that launched a long-term demogrpahics-based GOP disaster in California.

Charlie Cook: The GOP Needs to Appeal to Hispanics

"Remember, 50,000 Hispanic citizens reach voting age every month." 
----Charlie Cook

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