Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Political Scientist Ruy Teixeira: Thoughts on Race, Ethnicity, and Identity in an America Moving Toward Majority-Minority

Political Scientist Ruy Teixeira offers thoughts on the recent Census Bureau population estimates, and the lingering issue of Hispanic distinctiveness and identity. His column is linked below.

Think Progress: Race, Ethnicity, Identity and a Majority-Minority America

"The issue therefore is not whether, say, Hispanics in the future will identify as white — most already do — but whether Hispanic ethnicity is going to completely lose its cultural and political significance in the future for large numbers of Hispanics, making them indistinguishable from today’s non-Hispanic, non-multiracial whites. I am skeptical that this will happen very rapidly, but this is the case that skeptics of a majority-minority America have to make."   ----Ruy Teixeira

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