Sunday, June 30, 2013

Politico's Alexander Burns: Emerging Democratic Confidence Due to a Changing America

The Democratic Party

Politico's Alexander Burns examines the increasing confidence of progressive/liberal Democrats that the arc of history is turning in their direction. He notes that this past week the Democrats made progress in four areas:  climate change, same-sex marriage, immigration reform, and a symbolic victory on abortion rights in Texas.

As Burns sees it, the Democrats ten years ago never could have staked their political future on such contentious issues.  But as many progressive and liberals see it, the nation has evolved in more leftward directions.  Burns' column is linked below.'s Alexander Burns: The Emergence of Democratic Confidence in a Changing America

Regarding the danger of overconfidence by the Democrats:

"Democratic and progressive leaders shrug at such thinking. In their view, that’s missing a much larger point with bigger and longer-range implications: that the country as a whole has changed, demographically and generationally, to such an extent that their value set is embraced by a national political majority."

----Alexander Burns

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