Thursday, June 27, 2013

New York Times Editorial: The Senate Passage of the Immigration Bill and the Matter of the House of Representatives

The New York Times editorial board hails the Senate passage of a comprehensive immigration reform bill while acknowledging that its passage in the House of Representatives is very much in doubt.  The Times contends, however, that pressure can be brought upon the House, and that there is reason to maintain hope for a bill that could be passed into law.  The editorial also argues that the immigration bill provides Speaker of the House John Boehner a great chance to achieve something of historical significance.

New York Times Editorial on the Senate Passage of Immigration Reform

"The failure of immigration reform would be a disaster, but it can be avoided if Mr. Boehner gives Republicans and Democrats the chance to vote on comprehensive reform. There is a strong chance that if he does so a good bill could pass."  
---New York Times Editorial Board

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