Wednesday, October 30, 2013

CNN's John D. Sutter: East Carroll Parish, Louisiana--The Nation's #1 County in Terms of Income Inequality, and Possible Harbinger of Writ Large National Income Disparity

East Carroll Parish, Louisiana

John D. Sutter's CNN article is linked below.

CNN: East Carroll Parish, Louisiana and Economic Inequality

"A little place in Louisiana takes the title.
East Carroll Parish, Louisiana, is home to 7,500 people, some of whom make six and seven figures and 41% of whom live below the federal poverty line. And is one U.S. capital of income inequality.
The farming community, with picturesque Lake Providence at its center, is a scary window into the future -- a look at where the rest of the country is headed if we don't change our economic policies to work for everyone, not primarily the rich."
---John D. Sutter, CNN

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