Monday, October 7, 2013

Stephan Richter at Salon: The American Civil War Continues as the South Continues in Rebellion, This Time Shutting Down the Government

CSA, 1861-1865
Stephan Richter sees great continuity of theme and region in the current impasse over the funding of the federal government.  The unwillingness of Tea Party House Republicans to fund the government, he argues, is rooted in Southern conservative recalcitrance in the face of near-inexorable social change.

Once again, contends Richter, southern white conservatives and their compatriots nationwide see visions of the apocalypse.  Their bitter opposition regarding Obamacare and the funding of the government must be understood accordingly.

Stephan Richter's article at Salon is linked below.

The Enduring American Civil War and the Government Shutdown

"In essence, now the South is once again rebelling against modernizing shifts of American society. Today, in one of the great political realignments of modern politics, that region is the power base of Republicans.
The equivalent of politically and economically freeing the slaves back then is now granting health care access to all Americans. In either case, the old order is about to be toppled and that leads especially Southerners and white conservatives everywhere, to fear for the end of the United States, as they know it."
---Stephan Richter, Salon 

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