Friday, October 25, 2013

The American Conservative's Patrick J. Deneen Challenges Both Free Market Fundamentalism and State Benevolence in Matters of Education and Healthcare

Patrick J. Deneen's article at The American Conservative is linked below.

Patrick J. Deneen: Market Fundamentalism and Statist Benevolence are Flawed

"But almost altogether unnoticed are the attendant costs of this transformation, costs that, ironically, make both health and education increasingly the province of the strong and wealthy. The appearance of crisis in each sphere at the same time is not coincidental—it is a consequence of a conscious set of decisions to banish motivations of Christian charity from almost every institution of human life. In their place, we have two deficient motivations and attendant practices—self-interest and depersonalized State-mandated social justice. It becomes clearer with every passing day that neither suffices…"

---Patrick J. Deneen, The American Conservative 

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