Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Edge of Sports' Dave Zirin: Bob Costas Did the Right Thing in Speaking Out Against the "Redskins" Moniker

Washington Redskins

Dave Zirin's column at Edge of Sports is linked below.

Dave Zirin: Bob Costas is both brave and correct

"My view, and I cannot say this forcefully enough, is that whatever problems people may have with the content of what Bob Costas said, the veteran broadcaster seized the moment and was a profile in courage. Costas did the unthinkable: he took a stand against racism on national television. He also openly – as he did a year ago by addressing gun culture after the horrific murder suicide perpetrated by Chiefs’ player Jovan Belcher against Kasandra Perkins – willingly courted the ire of disturbingly violent right wing sports fans and their droogs in the conservative blogosphere."

---Dave Zirin, Edge of Sports 

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