Friday, October 18, 2013

The Pew Research Center and The New Yorker: House Republicans and the Geography of the "Suicide Caucus"

In September, The New Yorker has posted an interesting article and map about the 80 Republican House members who demanded in a signed letter to Speaker John Boehner that the defunding of Obamacare be a condition of any appropriations bill in the current Congress.  The Pew Research Center did a follow-up report on the original New Yorker piece.

The Pew Research Center article and map are linked below.

Pew Research Center: The House Republicans Behind the Government Shutdown

"Just over half (41) of the signers are from the South; 22 are from the Midwest, and 13 are from the West; the only members from the Northeast are four representatives from rural parts of Pennsylvania."

---Drew Desilver, Pew Research Center 

The New Yorker: The "Suicide Caucus" in the GOP

"The members of the suicide caucus live in a different America from the one that most political commentators describe when talking about how the country is transforming. The average suicide-caucus district is seventy-five per cent white, while the average House district is sixty-three per cent white. Latinos make up an average of nine per cent of suicide-district residents, while the over-all average is seventeen per cent. The districts also have slightly lower levels of education (twenty-five per cent of the population in suicide districts have college degrees, while that number is twenty-nine per cent for the average district)."
---Ryan Lizza, The New Yorker 

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