Wednesday, October 9, 2013

In a Salon Interview, Doug Henwood Argues That the Tea Party is Neo-Confederate, and is at War With the New American Demogaphics

CSA, 1861-1865

The Salon interview is linked below.

Salon: Josh Eidelson's Interview of Doug Henwood Regarding the Tea Party and the Government Shutdown

"...The roots of Tea Party are in a Confederate, almost kind of a neo-Confederate structure of people who want to preserve their class privileges — very much articulated through race — and they are a very, very sizable portion of the Republican Party. And what they see — and this is also confirmed by the focus groups that David Greenberg et al. did — the core of this is a group of people that feel like the country is being taken away from them by a new minority-majority country. And all of their familiar touchstones are being smashed. They feel like they’re fighting a heroic kind of lost cause, and they’re willing to do a  lot of damage to try to get their way."
---Doug Henwood, Interview in Salon 

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