Monday, October 21, 2013

Washington Post: A Majority of Public School Students in the South and West are From Low Income Households, Per the Southern Education Foundation

The Washington Post article by Lindsey Layton is linked below.

Washington Post: Low Income Students in American Public Schools

"Children from those low-income families dominated classrooms in 13 states in the South and the four Western states with the largest populations in 2011, researchers found. A decade earlier, just four states reported poor children as a majority of the student population in their public schools.
But by 2011, almost half of the nation’s 50 million public-school students — 48 percent — qualified for free or reduced-price meals."
---Lyndsey Layton, Washington Post

Washington Post: National Maps Showing Rising Poverty in U.S. Public Schools

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Coverage of the Southern Education Foundation Report

"The South may rise again, but it likely won’t be because of increasing levels of income or educational quality."
---George Mathis, Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

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