Saturday, December 21, 2013

National Journal's Alex Seitz-Wald: The Resonance of the Duck Dynasty Cast Member Suspension Story

Alex Seitz-Wald's article at National Journal is linked below.

National Journal's Alex Seitz-Wald: Phil Robertson as Culture War Symbol

"For urban liberals, it's hard to find a more cartoonishly distilled stereotype of the American South and modern conservative masculinity than Phil Robertson, with his ZZ Top beard, camouflage everything, and molasses Louisiana drawl. So Robertson's comments, then, were seemingly confirmation of the urban liberal's worst suspicions about Southern White conservatives: They really are all as bigoted as I thought!…
...For conservatives, it's the inverse. A&E's (read: the liberal media) decision to fire Robertson and the left's glee at his removal is confirmation that your world and everything you hold dear really is under attack. Urban liberals really do hate my Christian, traditional, rural values. This country really is slipping away."
---Alex Seitz-Wald, National Journal 

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