Monday, December 9, 2013

Nikos Konstandaras of The New York Times: Greece and Its Looming Demographic Disaster


Nikos Konstandaras' article in The New York Times is linked below.

Nikos Konstandaras of The New York Times: The Looming Demographic Problem for Greece

"The Greeks are in a struggle for survival. And the odds are piling up against us. The fight is not only on the economic front, as we try to meet our commitments under an international 240-billion-euro bailout deal that has resulted in greatly reduced incomes, higher costs and taxes, and an overriding sense of insecurity. The danger is even more basic: Deaths are outnumbering births, people are leaving the country, and the population is aging so fast that in a few decades Greece may be unable to produce enough wealth to take care of its people and may cease to be a viable nation state."

---Nikos Konstandaras, The New York Times 

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