Saturday, December 7, 2013

The American Conservative's Patrick J. Deneen: The Unwise Responses of the American Right to Pope Francis and Evangelii Gaudium

Pope Francis

Patrick J. Deneen's article at The American Conservative is linked below.

The American Conservative's Patrick J. Deneen: American Rightwingers and Pope Francis

"Since the release of Evangelii Gaudium there have been countless articles and commentary about the economic portions of Pope Francis’s Apostolic Exhortation. Some of the commentary has been downright bizarre, such as Rush Limbaugh denouncing the Pope as a Marxist, or Stuart Varney accusing Francis of being a neo-socialist. American conservatives grumbled but dutifully denounced a distorting media when Pope Francis seemed to go wobbly on homosexuality, but his criticisms of capitalism have crossed the line, and we now see the Pope being criticized and even denounced from nearly every rightward-leaning media pulpit in the land."
---Patrick J. Deneen, The American Conservative 

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