Friday, December 13, 2013

The National Journal's Beth Reinhard: The Demonization of Welfare Recipients

Beth Reinhard's article at National Journal is linked below.

The National Journal: The Politics of Welfare Bashing

"The welfare queen, she has risen.
Spawned by Ronald Reagan to turn blue-collar whites against the Democratic Party, then buried by Bill Clinton with a law 'ending welfare as we know it,' she's been excavated under the first African-American president as Republicans inveigh against the costs of health insurance and food stamps for the poor.
Twenty-five Republican-led states have—astoundingly—rebuffed billions of federal dollars under Barack Obama's signature health care law to offer Medicaid insurance to more poor people. To justify this unprecedented rejection of federal relief, these governors and state lawmakers say they just do not believe Washington will keep its promise to pick up the tab. Republicans in Congress are egging them on, denouncing Obamacare's disastrous launch as proof of the arrogance and folly of big government."
---Beth Reinhard, National Journal 

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