Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Atlantic's Josh Freedman and Michael Lind: The Need for Renewal of the "Social Contract" for the American People

Josh Freedman and Michael Lind's article in The Atlantic is linked below.

Freedman and Lind: The Need for New Fundamentals for the American Social Covenant

"While the 'low wage' social contract may not be much of a bargain for many workers, there’s no pretending we can go back to the New Deal-era system of old. The combination of conditions that allowed for high wages, high profits, and low prices no longer exists in a service-based economy with more unstable employment and in which the declining number of manufacturing jobs are more subject to global competition. And while the welfare capitalist model did benefit many in the middle class, it often excluded African-American workers and was reliant on a family model based on a sole male breadwinner. The next social contract needs to adapt to these new economic conditions and further the huge strides we have made toward equality for women and minorities in the workforce."

---Josh Freedman and Michael Lind, The Atlantic 

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