Friday, December 27, 2013

Pew Research Center: Thirteen Landmark Measurements of What Americans Were Thinking and Doing in the Year 2013

The Pew Research Center has released a summary of 13 pivotal measurements of American thinking and/or behavior.  In the bullet points below are some of the highlights:

  • Same-sex marriage support has crossed majority threshold (51%)
  • Marijuana legalization support has crossed majority threshold (52%)
  • A majority sees the federal government as a threat to individual liberties
  • A high rate of young adults are living with parents
  • The United States immigrant population is approximately 40.4 million
  • Self-identified "Strong Catholics" are at a low in a roughly 40-year period
  • About 40% of households with children have mothers who are either the solitary or predominant "bread winner"
  • A majority of Americans own some sort of "smartphone"

The Pew Research Center article is linked below.

Pew Research Center: 13 Things Worth Knowing Regarding What Americans Were Thinking and Doing in 2013

"In the course of conducting public opinion surveys and demographic analyses, the Pew Research Center found a wide range of data milestones, breakthroughs, peaks and valleys in 2013, including record support for same-sex marriage and the legalization of marijuana; record levels of distrust of the federal government; record numbers of mothers who were the primary breadwinners for their families; and record numbers of Millennials living with their parents."

---Andrea Caumont, Pew Research Center 

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