Saturday, November 2, 2013

Michael Kimmel's Book on Angry White American Males

Rush Limbaugh
Patron Saint of Angry White Males

Michael Kimmel's column at The Huffington Post is posted below.

Michael Kimmel: The Angry White Male in American Life

"Today's Angry White Men look backward, nostalgically at the world they have lost. Some organize politically to restore 'their' country; some descend into madness; others lash out violently at a host of scapegoats. Theirs is a fight to restore, to reclaim more than just what they feel entitled to socially or economically -- it's also to restore their sense of manhood, to reclaim that sense of dominance and power to which they also feel entitled. They don't get mad, they want to get even -- but with whom?"
---Michael Kimmel, The Huffington Post 

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