Friday, November 1, 2013

Regarding the GOP Run-off in Alabama Congressional District One, Mike Marshall of The Mobile Press-Register Calls For Bradley Byrnes' Election, Portrays Dean Young as a Political Narcissist and Extremist

Mike Marshall's editorial at is linked below.

Mike Marshall: Endorsement of Bradley Byrne

"Bradley Byrne believes Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.

Dean Young believes Barack Obama was born in Kenya.

Bradley Byrne is endorsed by two guys we've already sent to Congress -- Jack Edwards and Jo Bonner -- because they know what it takes to fight for south Alabama's prosperity.

Dean Young would go to Washington to fight for the greater glory of Dean Young. He would swagger onto the floor of Congress waving a Don't Tread On Me banner. He would be on national TV a lot, but he would do absolutely nothing for Alabama's 1st Congressional District."   

---Mike Marshall,, The Mobile Press-Register 

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