Thursday, November 28, 2013

Major Garrett of CBS News: In Terms Both Positive and Negative, Obamacare is Historically Unique, and Not Just Like Some Other Event During Some Other Presidency

Major Garrett's column at CBS News is linked below.

CBS News; The Historical Uniqueness of Obamacare

"Winners and losers abound. This is true now and will be true for as long as the law remains. And remain it likely will, precisely because of the tight and self-reinforcing alliance the law constructed with insurers, hospitals, and doctors. Americans who lacked insurance coverage will find it through the private sector on federal or state exchanges or via Medicaid. Americans who had policies on the individual market will lose their old coverage and possibly find new and better coverage or more expensive and inferior plans. Americans employed by large corporations will see modest changes in benefit and premium schedules, and those who work for smaller companies may see previous coverage vanish and choose new options that may or may not live up to their expectations. All of this will be destabilizing and generate in different regions and among different demographic groups anxiety, possibility, relief, and rage."

---Major Garrett, CBS News

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