Thursday, November 21, 2013

U.S. Census Bureau News Release: Approximately 35.9 Million American Residents Moved in the Past Year

The U.S. Census Bureau news release is linked below.

Census Bureau: Nearly 36 million moved recently

"The U.S. Census Bureau reports that 35.9 million U.S. residents, or 11.7 percent of all Americans, moved between 2012 and 2013.
The nation's mover rate is down from 12.0 percent in 2012. The decline in the nation's overall mover rate follows an uptick from the record low of 11.6 percent in 2011. That leaves the 2013 mover rate not statistically different from the 2011 rate. The number of people who moved in the past year was not statistically different from the corresponding 2012 number (36.5 million)."
---U.S. Census Bureau, News Release 

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