Saturday, November 30, 2013

Timothy Egan of the New York Times: The Republicans are Hoping and Yearning for an Obamacare Failure

Timothy Egan's column at The New York Times is listed below.

New York Times: The GOP Craving for Obamacare to Fail

"It’s hard to remember a time when a major political party and its media arm were so actively rooting for fellow Americans to lose. When the first attempt by the United States to launch a satellite into orbit, in 1957, ended in disaster, did Democrats start to cheer, and unify to stop a space program in its infancy? Or, when Medicare got off to a confusing start, did Republicans of the mid-1960s wrap their entire political future around a campaign to deny government-run health care to the elderly?
Of course not. But for the entirety of the Obama era, Republicans have consistently been cheerleaders for failure. They rooted for the economic recovery to sputter, for gas prices to spike, the job market to crater, the rescue of the American automobile industry to fall apart."
---Timothy Egan, The New York Times 

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