Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Huffington Post's Vincent Intondi: Whither Shall Catholic Congressional Republicans Go, Regarding the Poor? The Way of Pope Francis and Archbishop Oscar Romero…or the Way of Trickle Down Economics?

Archbishop Oscar Romero
of El Salvador,

Advocate for the Poor

Assassinated in 1980 
While Conducting Mass

Vincent Intondi's column in The Huffington Post is linked below.

Vincent Intondi of The Huffington Post: Shall Catholic Congressional Catholics Choose the Path of Francis and Romero, or Shall They Choose the Path of Trickle Down Economics?

"However, examining the Pope's embrace of liberation theology, the memories of Oscar Romero, and Reagan's policies in El Salvador raises an important question: Will Catholics in Congress like Marco Rubio, David Vitter, John Boehner, and Paul Ryan listen to the leader of their Church and help those most in need? Will they follow in the footsteps of a future St. Romero? Or will they pray and worship at the alter of St. Reagan and continue to decimate the hungry, the homeless, and the poor?"
---Vincent Intondi, The Huffington Post 

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