Friday, November 29, 2013

The Washington Post's Eugene Robinson: Pope Francis and His Message About Poverty and Economic Inequality

The Coat of Arms of Pope Francis

Eugene Robinson's column at the Washington Post is linked below.

Eugene Robinson: The Pope and Poverty

"Jesus commanded his apostles to give to the poor. Yet many elected officials who claim to follow Jesus’s teachings are determined to keep the poor from receiving health care, food assistance, housing subsidies and a host of other benefits. Inequality is celebrated as a virtue. Life, we are told with a shrug, is sometimes unfair.
But for Christians, Francis reminds us, life is supposed to be as fair and compassionate as we can make it. Money is a false idol, a golden calf. Our sacred responsibility is to one another.

Amen, Your Holiness. Amen."
---Eugene Robinson, Washington Post 

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