Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Florida Today's Lyn Dowling: Differing Perspectives on Obamacare From Two Twenty-Somethings in Florida

The Florida Today article by Lyn Dowling is linked below.

Florida Today's Lyn Dowling: Two Takes on Obamacare

Posting in the Asbury Park Press: Two Takes on Obamacare

"Bartoszek added that the federal website is 'not Facebook' and does have its quirks. 'For example, it has places where you’re supposed to click, but they don’t look like links, so you’re not sure. And it can take some time. It took me an hour over two days just to get in to see what the rates would be.'
Nevertheless, he finished the preliminaries, was approved for a policy and will complete the process later.
'I’m not going for a ‘platinum plan,’ because its costs are on a par with what I would have paid before Obamacare, and catastrophic coverage is all I really care about,' he said. 'So I’m not going to get it until it costs me more money to not have it than have it.'"
---Lyn Dowling, Posted in the Asbury Park Press (Originally in Florida Today )

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