Saturday, November 16, 2013

Stanley B. Greenberg at Politico: The Rise of the Interracial and/or Multiracial Household Demographics

President Barack Obama

Stanley B. Greenberg's article at Politico is posted below.

Stanley B. Greenberg: The Rise of American Interracial and/or Multiracial Households

"In that sense, the often racially charged opposition to America’s first multiracial president is due less to his own mixed heritage and more to what he represents: the big demographic and cultural wave that threatens to swamp the Republican Party. For the modern GOP, whose aging, overwhelmingly white base increasingly resembles the United States not as it is today but as it once was, the same feverishness that animated the partisan fights of years past is now joined with a sense of powerlessness as a younger generation of Americans looks like increasingly hostile territory—for now."

---Stanley B. Greenberg, Politico

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