Monday, July 15, 2013

Are We in a Long Hot "Summer of Hate?"

Salon's Mary Elizabeth Williams contends that we are living in a "summer of hate" that will catch the attention of future academic scholars.  Williams claims that an inventory of incidents this summer point to something perverse.  She cites the following high-profile incidents:

The contemptuous descriptions of Rachael Jeantel, a friend of Trayvon Martin and a trial witness
Rightwing jubilation over the Zimmerman verdict
Racial slurs used on Big Brother
Paula Deen's purported racism
The prank--in the wake of the Asiana airline crash in San Francisco--of a California television station

In short, Williams contends that America remains a country where anti-minority racism continues to flourish.

Salon: A Hate-filled Summer

"Years from now, when colleges offer courses on 'Race Relations in the Early 21st Century,' and authors write the books on dark chapters in American history, they’re going to have a whole lot to say about the summer of 2013. The summer of our emboldened ignorance."

----Mary Elizabeth Williams, Salon

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