Monday, July 15, 2013

Joe Scarborough: The "Hyper-Partisan" Responses to the Verdict in the George Zimmerman Trial

Former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough, in a Politico column, laments the "hyper-partisan" responses to the Trayvon Martin killing, and the George Zimmerman trial and verdict, particularly the responses of various members of America's "political class."

And while he condemns the partisan responses of many American liberals too, the self-described conservative and former Republican lawmaker hits American right-wingers particularly hard. He argues that conservative rhetoric and GOP-supported policies like Stand-Your-Ground laws have often served to increase American racial division.

His column is linked below.

Joe Scarborough: Partisanship and the George Zimmerman Verdict

"But that doesn’t mean I can’t draw my own personal conclusions, like my belief that George Zimmerman is a racist idiot who chased an unarmed teenager through a neighborhood for little reason more than he was a black man wearing a hoodie. I can also conclude that many conservative commentators were offensive in their reflexive defense of Zimmerman, as well as their efforts to attack the integrity of a dead black teenager. I am also not sure how it is that the right-wing’s professional chattering classes usually find themselves on the other side of African-Americans in racially sensitive cases."

----Joe Scarborough, Politico

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