Friday, July 12, 2013

Salon's Joan Walsh: Appealing to White Racial Resentments Likely to be a Part of Potential GOP Efforts to Increase the White Vote

In a column of Salon, Joan Walsh argues that, if the Republicans attempt to increase their vote totals by reaching out exclusively to white voters, then they will likely appeal to racial resentments held by whites.

Joan Walsh: Stoking Racial Resentment and Maximizing the GOP White Vote

"I have a visceral reaction to conservatives arguing that Republicans should forget about trying to lure Latinos by passing immigration reform, and focus on turning out white voters instead. When Phyllis Schlafly or Pat Buchanan makes that pitch, it’s clear to me, it’s racist. They are urging their party to rely on the 50-year narrative of white grievance, perfected by Buchanan for Richard Nixon, that turned many white working-class people against Democrats."

---Joan Walsh, Salon

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