Monday, July 1, 2013

Tom Jacobs: Mexican Immigrants in the U.S. are Ideologically Diverse and Politically Varied


In a piece jointly published by Salon and Pacific Standard, Tom Jacobs makes the case that Mexican immigrant voters are not necessarily pre-ordained to vote for Democratic candidates.  Some American conservatives have been arguing that, if undocumented immigrants are given citizenship, then the result will be a dividend of new voters for the Democratic Party

Au contraire, argues Jacobs. He cites a recent study indicating that Mexican immigrants are ideologically diverse, and are likely to maintain ideological views formed in Mexico.  In fact, he argues, there is evidence indicating that right-of-center Mexican nationals who become naturalized U.S. citizens are likely to sympathize with Republicans.

In short, Jacobs maintains that Mexican immigrants are not politically homogenous, and as a group, should not be taken for granted as a Democratic bloc vote.

Tom Jacobs: Mexican Immigrant Voters Are Not Politically Monolithic

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