Saturday, July 27, 2013

Eleanor Clift: The Current Republican Electorate

The Daily Beast's Eleanor Clift takes a look at some polling conducted by Stanley Greenberg, the Democratic pollster who helped guide Bill Clinton's 1992 victory.

In this case, Greenberg is in the process of examining the GOP electorate.  Per Clift, Greenberg's findings show a Republican electorate full of dissatisfaction with the GOP, but united in opposition to President Obama.  His polling also indicates that the GOP, while still winning elderly voters in polling, is now prevailing by far smaller margins than in 2010.

Clift's article is linked below.

The Daily Beast's Eleanor Clift: The GOP Electorate

"Republicans are holding on in rural and small-town America and among married men and women, but these are not the fast-growing parts of the electorate. The survey finds Republicans intensely opposed to gay marriage, strongly favoring pro-life groups, and incorporating opposition to dealing with global warming as part of their values."

---Eleanor Clift, The Daily Beast 

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