Friday, July 12, 2013

Washington Post's Kathleen Parker: A Republican "Bonfire of Vanities"

Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker takes the Republican Party to task, arguing that GOP conservatives are behaving immaturely on such matters as the food stamps provision of the farm bill, and the immigration reform bill.  As conservative herself, Parker also calls out conservative columnists Bill Kristol and Rich Lowry for their joint anti-immigration editorial calling for the rejection of the Senate-passed bill.

Much like David Brooks (see the prior post), Parker contends that the GOP is committing political suicide over the long haul.

Kathleen Parker: The Rightwing Blunder on Immigration

"What Republicans are selling appeals to an ever-diminishing market that doesn’t even include their erstwhile allies in business and industry. And their self-immolation may prove to have been nothing more than a bonfire of vanities."
---Kathleen Parker, Washington Post

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