Saturday, July 27, 2013

Charles Blow of The New York Times: Fifty States Not United

In a deeply pessimistic column for The New York Times, Charles M. Blow argues that the United States in increasingly united only in theory. Blow notes that, at the state level, more than two out of three states are controlled by a single party, most of them Republican.

Blow essentially describes a patch-quilt nation in which many of the states are constructing a reactionary political and social order, particularly in the areas of voting rights for minorities and low income citizens, and reproductive rights for women.

His column is linked below.

Charles Blow: The Deeply Divided States of America

"In fact, we seem to be increasingly becoming two countries under one flag: Liberal Land — coastal, urban and multicultural — separated by Conservative Country — Southern and Western, rural and racially homogeneous. (Other parts of the country are a bit of a mixed bag.)"

---Charles Blow, The New York Times 

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