Wednesday, July 3, 2013

NBC's Mark Murray: Demographics, Immigration Reform, and the Inexorable Math Facing the Republican Party

NBC Senior Political Editor Mark Murray weighs in on the issue of immigration reform, demographic change, and Republican reliance on white voters.  Murray notes that in 2000, whites made up 80% of the electorate.  In 2012, the white share had declined to 72%.

Murray paints a picture of inexorable mathematics facing the GOP.  It is unclear whether a GOP embrace of immigration reform will translate to more Latino votes for Republican candidates.  But it's quite clear that the larger American electorate is looking less and less like traditional Republican voters.

His article is linked below.

NBC's Mark Murray: The Math Confronting the Republican Party

"So while it's debatable if the Republican Party can benefit from supporting the immigration legislation, it isn't debatable that the white portion of the electorate is getting smaller -- and that has consequences for future elections."

----Mark Murray

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