Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Quick Demographic Data on Egypt


As political unrest has returned to Egypt, it seems appropriate to provide a quick listing of some basic demographic data on this major Middle Eastern and African nation.

Nation: Egypt 
Population: 85.3 million 

Age Structure
0-14 years:   32.3%
15-24 years: 18% 
25-54 years: 38.3%
55-64 years: 6.6% 
65 years and older: 4.8%

Median Age: 24.8 

Life Expectancy at birth: 73.2 years

Crude Birth Rate (Births per 1000 people): 22.8 

Total Fertility Rate (The number of children a woman might have during her reproductive years, based on current birth rates at each age level): 2.9 

Source: CIA, The World Factbook

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